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Thursday, October 28, 2010


i am waves now
that is how easy the days have become
we like drinking and writing
and moving through brain-funnels
opening our heart-tunnels
and expanding
until light creatures
step soft-footed
upon grass
or splash with the paddle edge
amongst the lunatic birds
that shriek intruder

even the coffee and breakfast at noon in twin peaks
cannot sharpen an edge
that wouldn't lay in the grass
listening to the birds
in the cacophony of spring

And even if the words do
bounce on a rope weaving in the wind
over a meaningless chasm
what would be freedom
if not a fearless walker
surrendering his life to the day
with nothing but trees, and grass and sky
for mirrors
mirrors unlike screens
without canned lightning and couch candy
but the time of trees
and the ferocity of nesting birds
and the honesty of dirt

we write like horses
set free in the field
snorting the bright air
hooves kicking hard
busting earth
as dust coats our words

1 comment:

JB said...

Dude, what an awesome poem, nice reminder of that retreat!!

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