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Thursday, December 16, 2010

where creativity comes from ( an open question)

The creative source…the well-spring….what is the well source?

Is it a final thread in a fabric of the five heaps, a Buddhist soul clamor, a flashing diety….

Dip my bucket in the darkness and pull with the rope to the surface…look into the water’s reflection…what does it show?

Perhaps it does not matter where it comes from …an anonymous gift…but how can we leave it alone…we can wonder where it comes from, or not…but I will wonder, or at best explore….

Before the final thread, the synchrinous anomaly, a gap in the world, not much and not for long, a void...

We make an invitation of ourselves, invert our craving, make offering, yet we are not pacifists, we awake ourselves to danger, and keep ready, we let the old go by, and wait for the new…….

And eventually something arrives, with no former name, no story but its own, no family, no friend, – almost unrecognizeable it arrives, and we open our chests and smile – like a newborn, its skin yet drying from open air, and lungs that have not yet breathed, and like a newborn colt, that is quick to find its legs, born running…

I don’t know what these things were before they were born…. I don’t know where they come from…only dreams can go there, only fools, maybe animals…. a question, outside of time, a deep endless perfection…

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JB said...

James, it's cool to see the common themes on soul-clamor. I like how both writings on creativity start out more prose and end a little more poetry. A metaphor for the creative process itself, the transformation....

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