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To provide a forum for the intersection of spirit and art - a place to share what creations we must manifest to continue living in a meaningful way.


I'm open to what develops here - poetry, fiction, non-fiction, images, videos, quotes, insight - mainly looking at this blog as a record or shared diary in a spirit of playfulness and inspiration....mental froth, mind's eye materialization, and life songs lost and found.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing Retreat

It’s been so long, so long since writing had a rest. And what does writing do on its retreat? It reads, it goes to the movies. It fails to record important things. This last one is its true joy, its true relaxation.


james said...

if writing were a romantic partner - she would tell us we take her for granted, we can be demanding, and that sometimes even she needs space

sacred journeys Hawaii said...

So true..
And he is also a partner that sometimes wanted to have a period to understand us.

james said...

writing has always been something I've done, but a few years ago I stopped except for notes and lists and the occasional poem....and now I am writing quite regularely again....perhaps retreats come in many forms

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