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To provide a forum for the intersection of spirit and art - a place to share what creations we must manifest to continue living in a meaningful way.


I'm open to what develops here - poetry, fiction, non-fiction, images, videos, quotes, insight - mainly looking at this blog as a record or shared diary in a spirit of playfulness and inspiration....mental froth, mind's eye materialization, and life songs lost and found.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shopping Diaries


My favourite place
just ahead of hell;
Old folks kill time
over Zellers coffee
waiting to die
drawn to the florescence overhead
mistaking it for heaven's porch light.


Nobody cares to use their feet
or legs or hearts;
They want to be carried
effortlessly like babies
coddled as they're lifted up
soothed from crying, screaming,
throwing tantrums,

The Juice Bar

Heat-lamp warmed rotisserie wieners
turn like glistening warm turds
fantasizing about the bowels
of hungry, seething grandmas,
rocking sleeping infants

Everybody Loves a Winner!

Disgruntled box-store cashiers
congregate bitterly
for a breath of fresh air
balanced against pronounced no smoking signs:


Babies in strollers
bleat incomprehensible warnings
to bickering Slayer-shirted parental units
promoting future viewings
of Siamese-fighting fish


JB said...

so great, where did you pull that structure from?

Sounds like they may need to get a mall cop in any case.

I'm listening to the swampgrass track, "wailchukawa" (where is that name from?) and man, it is a wild party. I love it when we all stop and just laugh at ourselves before the end.

Buddy, what do you think of putting your cd release on at the planetarium?

Belacan said...

There should be health warnings on posts like these.

I, unsuspectingly, read this at work first thing on a Monday morning, chuckled a few times until I got to the wiener stanza, when I promptly laughed coffee out through my nose.


james said...

whose the joker who found this inspiring....boyd?

wailchukawa....interplay of dave and brendan's vocalizations

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