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To provide a forum for the intersection of spirit and art - a place to share what creations we must manifest to continue living in a meaningful way.


I'm open to what develops here - poetry, fiction, non-fiction, images, videos, quotes, insight - mainly looking at this blog as a record or shared diary in a spirit of playfulness and inspiration....mental froth, mind's eye materialization, and life songs lost and found.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

god rest ye merry gentlemen


JB said...

fun stuff, buddy, I love that you love your tim! I just woke up and that was a perfect pre-coffee coffee viz.

james said...

ya I love that old middle eastern sound he gives it

Belacan said...

That was amazing. I'm inspired. Much less cheesy than what Cara and I did this year - a video-christmas-card of us doing "Baby It's cold outside" to the ukelele!

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